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About Us

Who we are

Werepenguin Productions is dedicated to creating, enjoying, and promoting entertainment across multiple mediums. Along with embracing many specific fandoms and genres we also dig their intersection with science and history. We hope to connect people to our work as well as discover what others enjoy, and hopefully discover new things worth exploring too.

Here at Werepenguin Productions we believe that representation matters. Positive and accurate portrayal of minorities (be that LGBT+, neurodivergence, ethnicity/race, indigenous culture, difability/disability, or religious/belief) are particular important to us as members of these communities.

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What we are

The world is home to so many amazing things to discover. From comic books to movies to podcasts and everything in between there are vast landscapes to explore. Discovering a favorite series, author, or genre is pretty rad. We want to provide space for interested parties to share what they love and why.

Ultimately, we hope that our works will be something people are interested in. If not though it’s still rewarding to be part of others’ fandom discovery process. Representation matters and we hope to promote many works by, about, or that (positively and accurately) feature under represented identities.

What we aren’t

Hey, we get it, people can be super passionate about their fandoms. We usually love that. Even when we’re not particularly invested in a specific /fandom/creator we’re up to learning about them and the what, why, and how y’all dig it. What we’re not so keen on though is when fandom passion is aimed against other fans or fandoms. There’s legitimate space for critique, trope discussion, or pointing out problematic content but hating on something just because it’s not your cup of tea isn’t cool. It is totally possible for Bronies, Trekkies, Twilight Fans, Potterheads, and Whovians to get along. We’ve been to that lunch and you might be surprised at how interesting and ultimately fun it was.

As inclusive as we aim to be, there are some things we don’t tolerate. This space isn’t open to bigotry, hate speech, ableism, or harassment. We’ve met too many passionate fans that left their various fandoms and nerd spaces due to hostile environments. If you’re going to be toxic, there’s plenty of swampland elsewhere to meet your needs.