Folklore and Related works

Artwork by José Guadalupe Posada

Artwork by José Guadalupe Posada

Animals in Folklore Highlights

Werepenguin Productions is working hard to make folktales and folklore accessible to wider audiences. Some of our founder’s fondest memories growing up involved going to his grandparent’s bookshelf and selecting a leatherbound volume of stories. Each volume transported its reader to different lands and times where around the corner there might be a talking wolf, a scimitar wielding djinni, or Baba Yaga. After each story was useful information that helped the reader understand or better appreciate specific details.

We don’t need gilded leatherbound books to enjoy these stories. Werepenguin Productions is dedicated to making these stories accessible to future generations. Our edited collections are designed for audiences young and old. We believe that folklore can be more than just entertaining and we’ve developed resources for teachers who wish to use these in the classroom. In recognition of the incredible financial burdens teachers already deal with we have a special educators program. Through it teachers receive additional study materials and free student digital copies of purchased volumes.

Our First Series of Folklore Collections is still in progress. Check back soon for Updates.