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A Word About Censorship

Are you concerned about the content section of our reviews promoting censorship? We think that is a reasonable concern given the history of censorship (and often its accompanying mob-like hysteria) of comics, roleplaying games, and books. If those of us at Werepenguin Productions confirm, or reasonably believe, that our reviews are being used to target books for mass censorship we are committed to removing all of them.

Contents Description Process - Works for Teens and Adults

This is a Werepenguin Productions Favorite because: This area is entirely opinion. It may reference something described in the content descriptions but doesn’t effect the what is written in the descriptions section.

 Keywords: This area will include keywords that potential readers might find helpful in selecting a book.

 Content Warnings This area will list information that Werepenguin Productions understands from personal experience or otherwise to be particularly important for readers to know up front. An example of this would be rape. We believe readers that aren’t particularly interested in this section are mature enough to understand why this section exists. Where we think its appropriate we’ll include additional -discussed/referenced/”occurs offscreen” , -described/”occurs onscreen”.

 Violence and Gore This area will list information about violence content in terms as general as we think appropriate. Examples of this include:
minor realistic (blood from cuts, nosebleeds, split lips, bruises), moderate realistic (broken bones through skin, torn/damaged tissue, organs exposed, beheading), unrealistic gore (a spine being torn out of a person, excessive blood — think A Nightmare on Elm Street blood fountain). A tag of -cartoon may be added to help contextualize if appropriate (think Itchy and Scratchy from the Simpsons).

Profanity We will provide a description of whether there is any profanity, if the work contains F*** (or derivatives), and if the work contains F*** more than 5 times.

 Illicit substances This section will only contain information if drug use is a major component of a story arc, or contains multiple panels illustrating injections.

 Sex and Nudity This section will list information in the following terms:
incident(s) of frontal nudity = whether frontal nudity is present
Sex- fade to black = acts of sex are hinted at but not described in detail.
Sex- on screen = acts of sex are described with some detail.
Sex- Paragraph+ = when acts of sex occupy more than two paragraphs of content at a time (for readers interested in determining if they can reasonably “skip sex descriptions” when reading with youth, or out of personal preference)

We want to stress content descriptions are provided without value judgments. We want to maximize the fun and success rates of finding a new fandom. Since audiences vary in age, culture, and comfort levels we want to help people connect with something they’ll enjoy the most.

Contents Description Process - Works Intended for Elementary School Aged Children or Younger

Narratives (stories) can help break down some pretty complex ideas. The founder of Werepenguin Productions has found stories (books, episodes of shows, movies) quite useful when trying to chat about difficult or abstract ideas with their neurodivergent children. Believing other parents might find similar uses for this information Werepenguin Productions is working to identify resources (stories) for parents to use for discussing various topics.