paranormal Investigators Series

Characters and Settings

The author of the Paranormal Investigators Series encourages readers to envision the characters in their own way. Featured artwork is by no means the only, or 'correct' way to envision or represent characters and settings.


After a brush with the supernatural, Emily goes into business helping others dealing with paranormal problems. Her journey down the rabbit hole has let to discovering new friends, allies, enemies, and truths about herself. Along the way she met her current girlfriend Kathryne Cooper. Despite dealing with sometimes debilitating anxiety Emily brings plenty of skills and drive to the table.

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Sarah and Haiden Jet are two of Emily’s favorite people. Sarah and Emily were roommates in college and have been close ever since. The Jets have adopted Emily and Hedy into their family.

Sarah is an artist and single mother. After her own experiences with malevolent magic she joins Emily and Kate in launching Paranormal Investigators. Given the opportunity to hide from her discovery of the supernatural world she chooses to live life with her eyes wide open.

Haiden Jet has been meetings lots of new people. Some of them are friendly, some of them are scary, some of them are both. Despite mommy’s concern about Haiden being neurodivergent, Haiden understands a lot more than her family realizes. Haiden has been working hard to learn the rules for dealing with Grammy’s friends the Fae.

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Kathryne Cooper, or Kate, met Emily while working for the Tri-County Police Department. After quitting TCPD over police abuse of power, Kate helped form Paranormal Investigators. She works as a point of contact between the Tri-County Special Investigations Division and Paranormal Investigators. Special Investigations is responsible for paranormal happenings in the Tri-County areas and has a unique relationship with TCPD.


Peacemaker owns a bookstore that caters to folk looking for rare and hard to find texts. Emily discovers that Peacemaker isn’t quite what he seems. A friendship develops between him and the rest of the P.I. crew.

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Rose is sent to fetch Hedy Lamaria when she runs afoul of the Autumn Court. The Paranormal Investigators crew don’t know much about her. The few that have seen in her action wouldn’t care to get on her bad side.

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Hugh is a homunculus. Although he is more human looking than most homunculi and taller than most (3 ft.), Hugh still has a hard time blending in. Hugh met Hedy, Emily, and the Jets when his former owner tasked him to help kidnap Haiden. Despite being bound to his owner’s commands Hugh finds creative ways to subvert orders he has problems with.